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Confidence, assertiveness, self-esteem
Standing up for what you believe in helps you have a direction in life. This may be:-
a sport
the environment
or any other interest
Self esteem is how you think you measure up to your ideal or perfect self. If you are comfortable with yourself, your self-esteem is probably OK.

If you constantly criticise yourself, you may have low self-esteem.
Look at the retracking self esteem for more advice and information about this.

Its important to be aware of the things you are good at, you may want to look at the retracking self-awareness dowload to assess yourself.

Its also important to be assertive, to ask for what you want in a calm, clear, and reasonable way, from friends, family, and others. You may want to look at the retracking assertiveness dowload for some ideas about how to do this.