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Just a Visitor, Self assessment questions
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Rate your strengths
Your problems
Rate your mood
Check your self-esteem
Depression, anxiety, stress, all in one questionnaire
Rate this site
Rate a soap
Links for parents and professionals
WHO website self help and information about adult and child problems
Mental health in education
Family doctor books, from the British Medical Association
Leaflets from Royal college of PsychiatristsLeaflets for adults and older teenagers
Health and growing up, self help materials for parents and children/ tennagers
Directory for kids
Youth in mind (good information about books, and parent, and teacher rating of the strength and difficulties questionnaire
Questionnaire links
How to Use
A brief intro to the site, and retracking package
Click here for an introduction to:-
1) Cognitive behavioural therapy
2) Motivational work, and engagemnt
3) Self assessment, and self-help, download interviews and research version of Salford needs assessment schedule from here