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Sorting out relationships
Click on the links for specific problems. Here are some stories about feelings, thoughts and behaviours, all around various relationships
Bullying, Teachers, Homework, Parents,
Standing by your friends, Drugs
Friendships, Sex
The next two are flash based stories
Conversation game, Dog poo
Making and keeping friends
Arguing with friends
Supporting and being 
supported by friends FAMILY
How you get on with:-
your parent, parents 
or step parents, 
brothers and sisters, 
foster carers etc
aunts, uncles, cousins SEX
Your sexual behavior with others
Your planning (or not) of sexual activity 
Your sexual partners, their views and behavior
Your knowledge about sexual relationships, 
sexually transmitted diseases
Being part of a cultural group, 
color, race, 
disabled, deaf, blind, 
in care, 
gay, lesbian, 
Problems about this, 
including accepting and tolerating 
other cultural groups