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How you feel about yourself, 
your life in general
Feelings of sadness, 
no enjoyment ANXIETY
Your worries about things, like:-
fear of talking or meeting people 
because of embarrassment, shyness
Phobias (fear of spiders, closed spaces)
Panic attacks 
Obsessional worries SELF ESTEEM
How you want to be, 
compared to how you are, like:-
sporting or 
educational ability, 
Your experiences of being bullied, like:-
People calling you, or putting you down
Taking away your friends, in order to upset you
Being violent towards you ANOREXIA
Your views about your eating 
habits, and weight
Whether you are over-weight, 
or underweight, 
anorexic, bulimic. TRAUMA
What you do, if something very upsetting, 
or frightening happens to you, such as;- 
serious road accidents, 
a disaster, 
being assaulted or abused
Odd or strange experiences 
that you may not understand. 
Common reasons due to being very stressed, 
tired, or because of using drugs.

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