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Information for Parents and Mentors
Various professionals were involved in its development, such as Educational psychologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and General Practitioners. See the new manual for how to use
Also we asked teenagers from a number of schools and colleges to help with the design and content.
It is not meant to be a complete alternative to teenagers talking to someone else, such as an adult, teenage friend, or professional. We would always encourage teenagers to seek advice if they are having problems. The site may be a first step in this process.
The site uses a self-directed active learning approach, getting teenagers to think for themselves, communicate clearly with you and other adults, their friends and teachers.
For more severe problems, we recommend teenagers seek help from primary care services first.
This could be from general practitioners, or primary healthcare workers (health phone lines, nurses, drop in centres, accident and emergency services.
Or help could come from contact with other services such as social services, teachers, or non-government organisations (connexions in the UK). These services may then recommend more specialist services such as educational psychologists, clinical psychologists or psychiatrists.
Just a Visitor, Self assessment questions
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Rate your strengths
Your problems
Rate your mood
Check your self-esteem
Depression, anxiety, stress, all in one questionnaire
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Just visiting: Stories you change
Here are some stories about feelings, thoughts and behaviours
If your good at this, some people say you have high "emotional intelligence"

The stories are not a test, but should help figure out how feelings, thoughts and your behaviour are linked together

Standing by your friends

The next two are flash based stories and a bit more fun
Conversation game
Dog poo
Links for parents and professionals
WHO website self help and information about adult and child problems
Milton Keynes ADHD support group
Mental health in education
Family doctor books, from the British Medical Association
Parenting wisely
Royal college of Psychiatrists, self help materials for adults and older teenagers
Health and growing up, self help materials for parents and children/ tennagers
Directory for kids
Self help hq (links for all ages)
Youth in mind (good information about books, and parent, and teacher rating of the strength and difficulties questionnaire