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RU-OK Self-help for teenagers

This is an old site, started in 2002,The site is going to be replaced in the Summer of 2017 with a new, simpler format.

You can see work in progress here.

The site you see is not mobile responsive and runs best in internet explorer (less than 11), under emulation mode. The static site (where you are now may be easier.

RU-OK is about you helping yourself - coping with common, and sometimes serious problems, as well as using your strengths.

RU-OK Information for parents and mentors
This site is for all teenagers and was developed by various professionals including educational psychologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and GPs.

It's not meant to be a complete alternative to teenagers talking to someone else such as adults, teenage friends or health professionals. We always encourage teenagers to seek advice if they are having problems, but the site may be the first step in this process. Click here for more info
RU-OK Information for professionals
If you look at the professional section, there is some information about how to use the site, and about certain types of problems

The site advocates self-directed learning, using a self-assessment database to evaluate strengths and problems. It encourages clear communication, and gives advice about how to sort out everyday problems. Some advice is downloadable in PDF format.