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Information: Living situation
You may be unhappy where you live, or happy but wanting to move out and have a place of your own.
Some common problems are:-
The neighbourhood is noisy, unsafe, or boring
Your home is noisy, unsafe, overcrowded
Your home is stressful, with arguments all the time
You want a place of your own, some privacy, and independence
Moving out, or changing home requires various skills, a bit like getting a job, or dealing with leaving school. Its important to try and not rush into a decision without thinking it through carefully, on your own, or talking with someone else.
Helping yourself to sort out where you live may need the folloiwng:-
Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of staying where you are
Looking at money (can you afford it)
Sorting out other problems, (friends, family, stresses)
Looking at your skills, (cooking, budgeting, coping with stress)
Looking at alternatives, (staying with friends, or sharing a place)
Most people leave home, or change their home with support from someone, this could be be family, friends, social services, or other support agencies.