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Information: sexual activity
You will almost certainly have had lots of information about sex. This site is more about you making decisions about your behaviour.

Sex can be very important, exciting, and make a relationship really special. It can also be boring (first experiences usually are), exploitative, abusing and harmful.

There are some sexual things that are most likely bad for you or others, like:-
  • Getting pregnant at a young age, (higher rates of death, depression, poverty, social isolation, birth abnormalities and complications)
  • Being sexually abused or raped
  • Being sexually active with multiple partners, in a reckless way, without protecting yourself from HIV infection. Also you are more likely to get assaulted, or into a violent relationship
  • Giving or getting a sexually transmitted disease on purpose
  • Forcing sexual activity on someone when they are not absolutely sure about it
  • Advice
    Deciding what to do about sexual behaviour and relationships is difficult. You may want to log-in to assess yourself, and think about all the reasons for starting or continuing sexual relationships.

    If you are happy, and in a good relationship or relationships, then the most important thing is to know the facts and risks, and use contraception

    Some of the interactive stories cover sexual behaviour, friends, and other pressures on you.

    If you have problems, then you may want to know that sometimes people get started sexually as a way of coping with problems like:-
  • Wanting or trying to leave home
  • Feelings to be with childhood abuse
  • Needing or earning money
  • Low self esteem and poor confidence
  • Relationship problems, using sex to keep or manipulate a person
  • Drug or alcohol problems
  • Look at these problem areas for more information and advice.
    » Ru thinking about it
    » Like it is
    » Sex, just the facts
    » Playing safely
    » Avert, information about HIV