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Information: Self-esteem
All people at times compare themselves with other people, or other ideal situations, often thinking "I wish I was thinner, stronger, richer, more popular"

If a person thinks that they should, or must be different in some way, then their self-confidence or self-worth may be low. They may see themselves at the bottom of a ladder, or pile, and think or wish they were at the top.

Your self-esteem is made up of various parts, you can be happy with parts of yourself but not all, the common areas are:-
Academic ability
Sporting ability
Social life, network of friends
Attractiveness, your body
Money, your job or career
Low self esteem can happen to anyone, regardless of how good they may be, famous footballers, musicians, artists have written about their low self esteem and how damaging it can be. It can put you at risk of getting depressed, stressed and lead to problems at work, or with friends.
  • Low self-esteem probably starts in childhood with what others expect of you (your friends, parents and teachers) and then how you deal with this.
  • For you, there are other expectations, such as television, magazines, how you should look, behave, feel, dress, and be successful.
  • Dealing with all this expectation depends on you supporting yourself, by being reasonable, sensible and not too critical of yourself.
  • Your friends and family and teachers also need to support you, and accept your differences, praise your achievements, and be realistic about you and your future.
  • If you really put yourself down, and hate yourself, and are constantly criticised by teachers, friends and family, especially that you are not clever, not beautiful, not popular, not sporty, and don't have enough money (or potential to earn it) then this is likely to lower your self-esteem.
  • Doing the opposite of these things, especially changing the way you think about yourself, (even if other people don't) will help your self-esteem and confidence.
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