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Self-harm can happen for lots of reasons:
  • It can be a way to say something to someone else (like a friend or parent), like "Im upset, or angry, or you don't listen to me".
  • It can be that you hate yourself, and don't want to live, or it can be a bit of both.
  • People who self harm a lot, often have lots of problems, you might want to look at other risky behaviours, mental health, and social, family problems.
  • Advice
  • If you feel tempted to self harm, or want to stop then you may need help from friends family or professionals
  • If you are ill, say very depressed you will need to get this sorted out first
  • If you are self harming to try and tell someone how you feel, then you need to find and develop other ways of communicating
  • If you dont' really know, but feel urged to harm yourself, you may need to think about your whole liife and all the things that have happened to you, you will probably need help with this
  • There are lots of talking therapies and other forms of therapy or counseling that may help.
    Self harm, relaxation and problem solving
    Self harm, assessment
    If you self harm, you may feel very low and upset
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    Your mood, how do you rate?
    Your strengths and difficulties
    Self injury, info from SIARI site
    Life signs, another good site, see their self-help booklet
    NCB site, General information about self harm