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Information: Difficulties with friends
Most people have problems with friends (or so called friends) some time.
Friendships vary greatly, some people are very sociable, others are not, but happy to be so. There is no right number of friends, or type of friendships.

Teenagers often go from being in a group of friends (same sex) then groups of opposite sex, and then dividing up into couples.

Problems include, jealousy, betrayal, trust, support (and lack of it), moving and changing friends. Making and keeping friends can be difficult, it often takes a lot of work (and disappointments), before you make one good friend.
Its important to be confident and assertive about friends, or you may get into situations where so-called friends just use you for various things, like:-
Transport, your car, a lift
Your boyfriend or girlfriend
Using you to do something for them, steal, make trouble, upset someone
Entertainment (putting you down, gossiping)
If you think you are being exploited, think about how important these friends are to you, and whether you could manage without them (even if you are lonely for a while)

To keep friendships its important to be:-
Not too possessive
Calm when stressed out
If you have trouble making friends, you may want to look at some of the downloads.