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  • Most people drink alcohol, knowing when it becomes a problem is difficult. You may drink heavily at times, or for months, but many people don't.
  • There are lots of facts about safe drinking, but if you drink a lot, the people who are most likely to help are your proper friends.
  • The problems with alcohol are physical, its addictive and can damage most bits of your body, especially your brain, and liver
  • It has psychological effects, it alters your judgment, driving, fighting, drinking too much, doing risky things, like climbing, taking drugs, and so on
  • Advice
    First, check out whether you think you have a problem, like:-
  • Ask your friends, and think about what happens when you drink
  • Log in or just visit, and look at the self-assessment section
  • Or click on one of the links
  • Then decide what you want to do:-
  • If you have a problem, drinking normal beer and lager (not strong) can help cut down
  • Avoid shorts, and spirits
  • Ask your friends to stop you after so many drinks