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Information: Cultural, identity problems
Intolerance, ignorance and fear cause a lot of problems, most wars start because of differences in colour, race, or religion.

People can be or feel excluded, if they belong to some groups, for example:-
Racial or religious groups
Deaf or blind
Mentally ill
Past criminal history
In care
Knowing who you are and finding out about your cultural background, sexual orientation, and beliefs (political, religious, racial) is part of life, not just in teenage years.

Its important to accept difference, and tolerate other peoples strong beliefs (like the examples above, or like which football team, band or group to follow).

Arguing and talking about difference is OK, putting people down or being violent or excluding people, is not seen as acceptable in most societies.
A lot of problems happen because people don't know the facts.
  • Sometimes there is resentment or jealousy, as if some people, because of their difference, are favoured.
  • If you are not sure about your own cultural background or orientation, you could try finding out more. Information about most cultural groups is available on the internet, or via libraries and books.
  • You may have to try things out, to sort out your sexual identity, or religious beliefs, by going to a church, or mosque, or other religious or cultural groups.
  • If you have very strong views against certain groups, like hate for certain races or religions or homosexuals, you may want find out more first, before trying to put these groups down, and oppress them.