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Information: Bullying
Bullying happens to most people, sometime in their lives, both as children and adults.

Reason include:-
  • Being a different shape, or race or having ability (very bright or sporty)
  • Having problems, like learning problems
  • Not being confident, and being anxious about situations
  • Being isolated, new at school or work, or having few friends
  • Being picked on for something you have done, (like being a bully)

  • Also the place where the bullying happens needs dealing with, such as:-

  • a better anti-bullying policy in the school or your workplace
  • more tolerance of people who are different.
  • Advice
    Log -in and look at the stories and self-assessment, for a better understanding of bullying.

    If you are likely to get bullied, learning to cope and deal with it can mean doing the following:-
    Developing assertiveness
  • Sorting out confidence problems
  • Making sure you are not on your own, staying around friends or people who won't allow bullying
  • You, or someone getting the place where bullying happens to change, (anti-bullying policy in school for example)
  • Sometimes leaving, and moving elsewhere
  • Downloads
    Self assessment, bullying
    You may have trouble looking at situations from different angles, and being more confident in yourself
    You may want to play about with these interactive story, and see how changing your thoughts and feeling, can change what happens
    Being bullied
    Helping a friend?
    Are they your real friends?