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Information: attendance
Education covers many areas, from school, to college, to training at work

Getting to school regularly can be hard, reason for not doing so include:-
Poor organisation, either you and/or your family
Lack of motivation or drive
Being stressed out
Being depressed
Being fearful or very anxious
Being tired, for all sorts of reasons
Look at other areas for advice about these things.
You probably need to understand the reasons for difficulties getting to school. To do this you might want to Log-in, and complete the self assessment of your strengths and weaknesses

Motivation to get to school depends on you, and those around you. Rewards and punishments may be important, just like a job, you get rewarded by being paid, and punished by losing your job. School rewards and punishments are a bit different.

Self-motivation depends on:-
Friends, their support and encouragement to you
Succeeding in school
Long term aims, and plans
Good health, not too much stress or depression
Organisational skills
Others can motivate you by:-
Sorting out problems
Support from adults when in school, or when getting you to school
Providing appropriate rewards and punishments
Setting the right work and targets so you build up your confidence
Pupiline offers a link into educational issues,
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