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Information: Activities, doing things
People probably expect you to go out and do things, like sports, going to clubs and pubs, doing a hobby, and generally being sociable.

You are probably told that exercise is generally a good thing, it helps confidence, protects against stress, anxiety and depression, and is good for your physical health.

But...not everyone likes exercise, or doing things in groups, like organised sports. Some people stay in and are happy with that, they enjoy their own company.

If you want to do more, but lack confidence, or don't know where to go you may wish to think widely about all the things you could do, and try some of the out.
Getting started is sometimes difficult, and then keeping going, if you find something you like.
  • If you are very shy, anxious or lack confidence, you may need a friend or someone to go with you the first time.
  • You may want to go to the place a few days before, just to check out whether it looks OK, and what sort of people go there.
  • If its a sport, you may want to try and get fit (or practise) before you start, if you think you are going to let yourself down.
  • Links
    You need to look locally for activities, clubs. Ask friends or visit:-
    Your library
    Your sports centre
    Local youth centre, drop in service
    Local newspaper
    In the UK, connexions provide a service for young people to help with information and advice about these things, as well as employment, education and counseling.